Welcome to NEASS

Supporting the Steel Industry

NEASS is an Independent Non-for-Profit Association looking after the interests of the Steel Stockholders and Processors.

NEASS is a leading association that serves as a voice for the Steel Stockholders. We strive to promote the growth and success of our members by providing valuable resources, networking opportunities, and industry insights. Our mission is to ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for the steel industry.

Why not become a member of NEASS?

Here are just a few benefits to being a member of the oldest steel stockholders association:

· A Forum for debate – A genuine platform for sharing and learning.

· Educational – we hold talks on an array of subjects from quality assurance, credit control and other common areas of interest at our quarterly meetings.

· Information Technology – the latest news from the industry helping you to stay one step ahead.

· Membership opportunities for inter-trading.

· Enhance your company image – we have now over 100 established members

· Representation at a National Level – your views can be expressed throughout the UK.

· Events – an opportunity for networking with fellow stockholders, suppliers and associate members.